hi! I’m Nati. I’m an award-nominated blogger writing about fashion, travel + minimalism.

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You’re probably wandering how I* got here.

* let’s face it - you’re probably wandering how you got here. well, no matter how you stumbled across my little space on the internet, I hope you enjoy it enough to hang around for a while, grab a coffee + have a bit of a read.


a bit about me

I’m a twenty-year-old content creator / theatre student / minimalist / feminist / vegetarian / singer / Drag Race-fangirl / coffee enthusiast currently based in Birmingham, UK, with plans to move to a new city this summer!

You can usually find me on a train to London with an oat milk latte in hand, listening to news / pop culture podcasts and scrolling through minimalist blogs or designer vintage instagram accounts. Either that or asking strangers if I can pet their dog.

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a bit about my blog

Here you’ll find posts on fashion, travel and minimalism. Think: creating a capsule wardrobe, city break guides, minimalism / sustainability and more.

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Since starting my blog back in January ‘18, I’ve met so many awesome people, been to some damn cool places and worked with a range of brands I admire, from British designer Laura Ashley to the number one marketplace supporting independent makers, Etsy.


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I write about



When it comes to style, I’m a huge fan of everything minimalistic, whether it’s Scandi-inspired silhouettes or Instagram-ready neutral tones.

I’m a slow fashion enthusiast with a love for the capsule wardrobe concept, and I’m always looking to find more ways to incorporate the sustainability side of minimalism into my clothing habits. This includes supporting independent designers, purchasing from brands who create their pieces from recycled materials, and simply buying less.


I began incorporating minimalism into my lifestyle over the past couple of years as a means by which to deal with my mental health. Since my mind won’t calm the f down, at least this way everything around me stays pretty chill.

Whether you’re a maximalist at heart with a curiosity for living simply, or a slow living rookie looking for tips to minimise waste and go plant-based, I hope my blog can point you in the right direction.

there’s a range of styles of minimalism and I hope you find the one for you!


there’s a stereotype that minimalists travel a lot and I … well, I’m not about to break it. One of the reasons we spend so much time on the go is because, for various reasons, we don’t spend as much money on ‘things’ as other people do - it goes towards experiences instead.

I absolutely love discovering different perspectives on fashion and lifestyle and seeing how they translate so differently from city to city, and my blog has turned into a a platform for exactly that.