hi! I’m Nati. I’m an award-nominated blogger writing about fashion, travel + minimalism.

[ record scratch ]

You’re probably wandering how I* got here.

* let’s face it - you’re probably wandering how you got here. well, no matter how you stumbled across my little space on the internet, I hope you enjoy it enough to hang around for a while, grab a coffee + have a bit of a read.


a bit about me

I’m a twenty-year-old content creator / theatre student / minimalist / feminist / vegetarian / singer / Drag Race-fangirl / coffee enthusiast currently based in Birmingham, UK, with plans to move to a new city this summer!

You can usually find me on a train to London with an oat milk latte in hand, listening to news / pop culture podcasts and scrolling through minimalist blogs or designer vintage instagram accounts. Either that or asking strangers if I can pet their dog.

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a bit about my blog

Here you’ll find posts on fashion, travel and minimalism. Think: creating a capsule wardrobe, city break guides, minimalism / sustainability and more.

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Since starting my blog back in January ‘18, I’ve met so many awesome people, been to some damn cool places and worked with a range of brands I admire, from British designer Laura Ashley to the number one marketplace supporting independent makers, Etsy.


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