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Alongside running my blog, I also work as a freelance digital marketer. I help small businesses and bloggers alike to take their business to the next level.

I offer three individual packages, and can create a discounted combined package should you require all three.


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social media management

We all know that a kick-ass online presence is essential when growing a business today - let’s amplify yours across every platform you desire !

- review of current social media accounts + presence across platforms

- long term social media strategy creation

- full management of every social media account - posting / engaging / etc.

- identifying your ideal consumer

- building a genuine + consistent community

- growing engagement levels + online reach


content creation

More of a maker than a typer ? Got the vision but not the camera to make it happen ? Not to worry. Whether it’s proof-reading every page of your website back to front or creating the ultimate copy to show your brand in all its brilliance, I’ve got you covered.

- finding your brand voice

- copywriting

- blog post writing

- proof-reading

- product photography + image sourcing


influencer marketing

Have you found a content creator who will adore your product but you’re not sure how to let them know about it ? Are you a bit baffled by the world influencer marketing in general ? As a content creator with experience working with brands of all shapes and sizes, I’ve got your back on this one.

- building relationships + partnerships with content creators across a range of platforms

- creating a shortlist of influencers who will love your brand as much as you do with regular updating

- reaching out to influencers for collaborations / product reviews / sponsored posts

- documenting + analysing the success levels of each collaboration


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