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Side note: As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I absolutely love supporting independent businesses. I just realised, upon scheduling this post, that every single one of my favourite eateries in Amsterdam is independent! Coincidence? I think not.


In true city break-style, my boyfriend and I spent a weekend in Holland – this consisted of a day in Amsterdam and a day in Den Haag. As with every holiday we go on, 90% of our time there was spent eating. So, in an effort to make myself feel less guilty about spending the majority of my holiday budget on Dutch pancakes, I thought I’d put my eatery finds into a blog post! Let me tell you, we found some absolutely beautiful places…


We got the Eurostar to Amsterdam from London St Pancras – which I’d never done before – and I would highly recommend it. You go through security just like at the airport, but in a fraction of the time, which means one thing only: more time to stock up on Pret A Manger brownies for the trip!

It took just over three hours to reach Amsterdam Centraal, stopping in Brussels and Rotterdam en route. When we arrived it was clear that the Scandi-style had clearly influenced current Dutch design too, with lots of clear-cut interiors unexpectedly filling many intricately designed, typically Dutch buildings.


The canals make for a very beautiful stroll, but do be warned: Dutch cyclists take no prisoners. You better be ready to look left then right then left then right then left then right then left then right then left then right then left then right then left then right (okay, you get the point) every time you cross even the smallest canalside street!

ANYWAY, just like myself in pretty much any given situation, you arrived for the food. So without further ado (codeword for going on a tangent), here are my favourite finds on the Amsterdam food scene!


Pluk Amsterdam

This place is the ultimate Pinterest-worthy, Instagram-ready, blogger-appropriate place I’ve ever seen. Blending beautifully decorated sweet and freshly baked treats with lovingly decorated and wonderfully delicious breakfast bowls (that are more photogenic than I’ll ever be), Pluk definitely has something for everyone.

But it doesn’t stop there. This place has got you sorted on the lifestyle front too. From the moment you step inside this marble-accented haven, you’ll find yourself immersed in their curated, pastel-lined homeware and stationery and their gold kitchen utensils (can you tell I’ve just moved apartment?).


Yes, they have an Instagram courtyard too. I told you they know what’s up.

As you may have seen on my Instagram, I went for the Unicorn Bowl, which tastes just as gorgeous as it looks!

Blue Amsterdam

I’ve come to the conclusion that, whether you’re in Amsterdam for a week or for an hour, Blue Amsterdam is a must-see. Not only are you getting to (quite literally) see the entire city whilst you sip your coffee, but you can wander around the 360 degrees-window-style setup of the restaurant, checking out Amsterdam from every angle!

I hope you’re not afraid of heights – it’s a pretty long way up!


I can confirm: the food is just as good as the views (a pretty bold statement, I know). I opted for the traditionally Dutch bitterballen, a round croquette (which somehow tastes better than any normal croquette despite the fact that it’s almost identically the same premise), which is always served with tangy mustard. My boyfriend chose the cheesecake, which of course I tried too. It was, once again, delicious!

Prins Heerlijk

Just five minutes’ walk (if that!) from Amsterdam Centraal Station, Prins Heerlijk is an absolute must if you want to try the truly Dutch delight that is poffertjes – mini pancakes fried in butter and sprinkled with icing sugar. They’re crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and you’ll definitely struggle to refrain from ordering a second plate.


I’ve never been in a cafe or restaurant with such a happy atmosphere. I can’t even put into words how friendly the staff are here, and how lovely it was to be chatting over poffertjes with my boyfriend while we could hear the chefs chatting and laughing in the open plan kitchen next to us. We were welcomed with smiles and, of course, made sure to go back the morning before we left to say goodbye. We might have felt sad to leave, but they still had us smiling while we drank our lattes and told them what we’d been up to on our trip!

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