a winter walk

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One of the most underrated parts of slow living ( and one of the easiest ways to introduce it into your lifestyle as a new year’s resolution ) is making time for a good ol’ winter walk. Whilst it can, of course, be altered throughout the year to a ‘summer walk’, etc., in the UK a ‘winter walk’ is pretty much appropriate year-round. For me, there’s something so hygge - a concept I adore, particularly around this time of year - about it.

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There’s nothing quite like layering up with scarves cosier than your duvet, grabbing your coffee ( I’m * this * close to buying a KeepCup right now ! ), and heading out to spend time doing absolutely nothing but wandering. My favourite is heading into the city centre at daybreak, when it feels like the whole world is still asleep, and the streets that are usually filled with honking ( from both cars and people - let’s face it, Birmingham ) are so strangely yet beautifully peaceful.

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On Thursday, my boyfriend and I got up extra early to head to our go-to brunch in Birmingham - Boston Tea Party ( the sweetcorn hash is my favourite - halloumi, smashed avo + poached eggs ? yes please ! ) . After substantial fuelling by some of Brum’s finest oat milk lattes, we explored an area of the city we’ve never ventured to before - the Jewellery Quarter.


As its name suggests, this place is all about the bling ( that description is so off-brand for the Jewellery Quarter’s image and I would like to sincerely apologise to anyone who cares about that ) - it’s actually got the biggest concentration of manufacturing jewellers in Europe ! Wandering through the area you’ll also find some super cool independent businesses ranging from live music venues, luxury chocolatiers, cosy cafes, charming pubs and the gorgeous St Paul’s House ( I was there for an event last summer and it’s such a stunning venue for dinner and / or drinks ! ) .


We both made sure to make the most of the time exploring - I got some outfit photos with my photographer (see also: boyfriend ) and my boyfriend caught some Pokémon. Couple goals ? Definitely.


I invested in some Old Skool Vans after years of hearing people ( both in the bloggersphere and elsewhere ) going on and on about how comfortable they are and thinking to myself ‘it’s a shoe. calm down’. But I have to tell you - I’ve become one of those people. It’s like wearing cushions on your feet ! Do it ! Buy ‘em ! You won’t regret it ! This isn’t even sponsored !

‘ these are my vans ‘

‘ these are my vans ‘

I’m wearing an & Other Stories skirt, which I picked up a couple of months ago after the realisation I didn’t own a single skirt and should probably do something about it as a fashion blogger. I adore the a-line silhouette and I really like the asymmetric raw-hem detail - it’s a subtle, contemporary twist on such a classic piece.


This is paired with two items from one of my favourite high street brands, Monki. Not only can their products be curated to fit into pretty much anyone’s wardrobe, but they’re incredibly ethically and environmentally conscious and make such an effort to promote mindful shopping. They just opened a branch in Birmingham too ! I’m wearing the balloon sleeved sweater with a blazer that is no longer available but is extremely similar to this double breasted blazer.

I’m super keen on the unexpected silhouette of the sweater’s sleeves and it’s so soft too. You know how your skin feels after a really good exfoliation ? Imagine that, but in sweater form. I know. I bought the blazer two sizes too big because I’m a huge fan of androgynous-style items and I’m excited to start incorporating this more into my own wardrobe this year. For this look, though, it’s the only one that fits that kind of bill!

I’m also wearing my staple Abbott Lyon watch - its mesh strap is so comfortable and, unlike with many much pricier watches, it doesn’t fade in colour !


There is definitely something about the cold winter air and bright morning daylight ( and a cold nose that lasts until around 6PM that day ) that really helps me to clear my mind and refresh my perspective on a lot of things, both personally and creatively. I got back afterwards with a whole lot of ideas for my blog and I’ve got a feeling you’re going to see them pretty soon !


which aspect of slow living have you incorporated into your day-to-day lifestyle ?