a quiet nye 18 / 19

This year, my boyfriend and I have decided to have a quiet night in to bring in the new year, and I’m sure we’re not the only ones planning a slow lived NYE. So whether you’re looking for some ideas on how to celebrate a little more low-key, or if you’ve got a night in planned for the future and you’re looking for some inspo, I hope this post has some useful tips for you !

to drink

As I’ve mentioned over on my Instagram, my boyfriend works as a bartender - we thought we’d put those skills to use and make some cocktails ( and mocktails ) together!

[ a ] alcoholic

[ n / a ] non alcoholic

the dangerous one [ a ]

light + sparkly

25 ml gin

12.5 ml lemon juice

12.5 elderflower cordial

7.5 ml gomme syrup

shake with cubed ice


top up with prosecco

the peachy one [ n / a ]

sweet + fruity

75 ml peach juice

50 ml apple juice

18.75 ml lemon juice

18.75 ml elderflower cordial

shake with cubed ice + strain

12.5 ml grenadine


the brazilian one [ a ]

cool + refreshing

1 quartered + squeezed lime

25 ml gomme syrup

50 ml cachaça

shake with crushed ice

pour directly into glass

to eat

The core of a good night in - some serious snacks. As always, there’ll be chocolate pretzels galore, but this time we’ll definitely be ordering a takeaway - probably (definitely) pizza from Dominos. The laziest and most delicious option, of course!

to watch

We might be a bit (extremely) late to the party on this one, but we’ve been loving watching Killing Eve, a phenomenal series created by the INCREDIBLE Phoebe Waller-Bridge (you’ve got to check out her other work, especially Fleabag and Crashing, which are available on BBC iPlayer). This will be on the must-watch list alongside the usual ‘100 Craziest Moments from 2018’, etc. and any other recommendations you guys share in the comments below!

have a lovely nye - what are your plans to bring in 2019 ? I’m sending you so many good vibes for a wonderful year ahead.