boxing day sales ‘18

Some tips and reminders for navigating the infamous retail-hungry stampedes if you’re looking to preserve both your bank account and the planet.

how ?

Get organised and set yourself a budget, whether that’s per item (i.e. I won’t spend over £60 on a coat) or for your boxing day sales mission as a whole. Trust me, this is super helpful when you’re eight aisles deep in & Other Stories.

what ?

Make a list of items you need right now. It’s the opportunity to stock up on any staple capsule wardrobe pieces you’ve been looking to invest in for a while but have just been stretching your pocket a little too much to convince you to take the plunge. As with investment items, start by considering if you’ll still be wearing each one this time next year - if not, let it go.

Make a list of the items you’ve had your eye on for a while. If you have any money remaining in your budget after picking up your wardrobe essentials, head on over to the items you’ve been looking to treat yourself to, whether it’s a brand new magpie-ready watch or a gorgeous new pair of vintage shoes, it’s always worth finding out if these statement pieces are more in reach thanks to the reductions. Remember: you’re only looking for items you’ve liked for a while (I usually go with six months +), not a random designer tote that’s been reduced by 50% to £250. 50% off always looks great, but £250 in your bank account looks better - especially if you stumbled across it by chance and wear it once on a night out feeling like an imposter the entire time. It’s not worth it, I promise!

where ?

Write a list of your favourite go-to brands so you don’t stray to random stores that you’d never bat an eye at in / real life / in the heat of the moment, especially if you’re looking online - ads are unnervingly personalised, let’s face it.

Shop independent! I know I say this a lot, but it truly is a wonderful thing to support the dream of a creative - if you can, take the time to check out independent stores and find out if they’ve got any deals on for the day. It’ll make both their day and yours!

Good luck on your boxing day sales ventures! I’d love to find out about any gems you pick up - feel free to comment with links or simply excitement-filled descriptions of what you’ve found!