a style rut

For many of us, a huge aspect of our identity is defined by the way we dress. While this creates so much space for self expression, creative experiment and a whole lot of fun, it also means that if we find ourselves unsure as to what we want to wear, it can almost feel a bit like we don’t know what we want ( hello, mini identity crisis ! ) in general.

We all find ourselves stuck in a rut from time to time; whether it’s job-wise, food-wise, creatively or otherwise, and as a fashion blogger one of the most inconvenient ruts for me to find myself in is a style one. You know the feeling - you lose sight of your goals, your direction, your why.

We’re constantly surrounded by so much content right now that we have no choice but to consume it. With this I’ve noticed more and more conversations around whether or not we actually know what we like right now, or if everything we think we want is purely the product of influence ( both online and in the real world ) .

Whilst I haven’t quite made up my mind on this, I do know that it’s easy to fall into the habit of directly comparing your wardrobe to someone else’s - whether that’s a mate or your favourite fashion icon. You’re not going to get anywhere exciting, new or inspiring by copying someone else’s style piece for piece. A great way of getting out of the carbon copy habit is to look to other mediums for inspiration.

I’m well aware that, whether you’re a content creator or not, feeling uninspired by your wardrobe can definitely hinder your motivation levels and self confidence - two things I find fashion to be wonderful for. So I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite ways to gain style inspiration without actually looking at fashion!


Head to your nearest art gallery at the weekend ( most have free entry - woo ! ) and spend some time simply wandering. No preconceived tasks as to what must be achieved or learnt, just consider the way you perceive each piece. Think about which ones you’re drawn to - is it because of a certain texture? A specific era? A particular set of tones? Use this to work out what you personally like.


Grab the biggest piece of blank paper you can find ( within reason - maybe just opt for A3 for now ) , and a selection of old magazines and newspapers. It’s time to pick up the scissors and glue ( or perhaps you prefer washi tape ) for the first time in a decade and make a moodboard. Not only is it incredibly therapeutic ( stick a podcast on while you’re at it ! ) , but you’ll soon see a pattern ( ha ha ) in the pieces that you’re drawn to. This will tell you a lot about your personal taste / style.


Turn up your favourite songs at the moment and, instead of lipsyncing for your legacy ( who am I kidding ? do that along the way ! ) , consider what you love about them. How do they make you feel? Do you prefer smooth and easy jazz or bright, peppy pop? Think about the mood of the songs and experiment with putting together outfits that reflect this mood ( I’d recommend having the songs playing in the background ! ) .

How do you get out of a rut, fashion or otherwise? I’d love to hear your tips!