a morning routine for blue monday ‘19

[ I’m far too proud of that rhyming title. Sue me. ]

Good morning you lovely lot! Welcome to the third Monday of January, AKA Blue Monday - the day of the year that people across the world are collectively at their unhappiest.

Yep, according to a whole range of studies ( and plenty of opinion pieces ) , today is the day that our motivation levels are at their lowest, our debts are at their highest, weather conditions are at their least-hygge and we’re still not * quite * over the festive season ending.

With this infamous statistic in mind, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide that I hope will help you to improve your morning routine - especially on a day like today!

Your morning routine creates your mindset for the rest of your day, so it’s always a good idea to do everything you can to make it a fresh and positive start to the day. Here are a list of activities that I’ve found helpful that I hope will make your morning ( and your mind ) happy too!

f*ck the snooze button. Don’t give in to temptation. That snooze button doesn’t care about you like I do. Set a one-time alarm without the opportunity to fall back to sleep to then struggle even more to get out from under the duvet the second time you hear the alarm sound ringing. Just get up, dang it.

wake up or get up as early as you feel you can to avoid being in a rush and forgetting anything - even giving yourself ten minutes less sleep can give you time to run through things you need to remember to do that day.

– speaking of which, check your to-do list for the day ahead so you have time to get mentally prepared for whatever you’ve got scheduled, whether that’s an extra twenty minutes on your lunch break, drinks with your best mate at 7PM, or a meeting you’re dreading with your ultimate frenemy, Karen from finance.

hydration, people! Get some fresh water in your system to get refreshed and let your body know that you’re back and ready for action.

– don’t check your social media until at least half an hour since you woke up - this can be tricky at first but very soon you’ll get used to it and begin to appreciate taking time to be in your own mind and think your own thoughts.

– eat something ( anything ) for breakfast, even if you can’t stomach much that day, having something as simple as a banana or one slice of plain toast will actually feed your tummy and your mind, boosting your energy - even if only a little.

– enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate ( if you have a naturally anxious mind or suffer from anxiety or anxiety-related disorders, try to avoid caffeinated drinks as these only fuel the active part of the brain ( I think ) ( I got a B in biology once ) ) .

–  enjoy some fruit - this could be an apple, a banana, or even a smoothie ( treat yourself to that extra af blender this pay day - it’ll be worth it if it’s going to boost your day-to-day nutrition in the long run ) . Getting one of your five-a-day now is bound to make you feel better.

– have a shower - enjoy the refreshing feeling of warm water on your skin ( or cold water if you really want to wake up ) and you’ll notice that when you get dressed afterwards, your body feels more energised and refreshed than it did before ( don’t forget to finish your outfit of the day with your favourite jacket or new pair of shoes for an extra spring in your step ) .

– try to get some fresh air and natural light – this could be going for a short walk or jog, sitting in your garden for five minutes, or simply opening your window; your mind should feel cleansed and your body lighter.

– make a list of three things that you’re grateful for right now. It’ll get your mind on the right track.

– breathe. This is the start of your day, so make it about you. Fill your morning routine with things you enjoy doing to motivate yourself to get up in the first place.

IMG_4961 2.JPG

No matter what, you’ve had the strength to tackle the day - and that’s something to be proud of in itself - whether that’s going to work and facing the hour-long commute or the meeting you’ve been dreading; getting to a university lecture and learning just one thing you actually find pretty interesting; or staying cosy in bed with pyjamas, Netflix and a hot drink ( and a snack - this part is so important ) because you needed a day to look after yourself.

The most important part ? Make your morning about you – you deserve it.