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lucy moon

I really love Lucy’s 168 Hours series - it’s such a creative way to get an insight into someone’s day-to-day life and, as an advocate for everything slow living, I always enjoy content that appreciates the simple, every day moments as well as life’s milestones.

Lucy’s editing style is so beautifully detail-oriented and her music taste is a lot like my own - her most recent video, discussing her favourite artists, is definitely influencing what I’m listening to right now!

the down-to-earth aspect of Lucy’s content is what draws me to her channel the most. she’s not afraid to talk about anything and no matter what the topic, she always discusses it so respectfully.


I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly it is that I like about these videos, taking notes of the elements that I’m drawn to.

day-to-day moments / vintage-style edits / alternative angles / layered media / musical backdrops / humour / unapologetic individuality / an insight into the creators’ personal style / a travel-focus / scandi / parisian / minimalist / downtown la


caroline de maigret

model, producer, writer, style icon … the list goes on.

Caroline’s vision for style and timeless aesthetic is highlighted across her content, and she’s definitely one of the most frequent creators to make it to my Instagram ‘saved’ section to check back on for later wardrobe inspiration.

further watching: Caroline de Maigret x Vogue / Caroline de Maigret x i-D


amy lee / vagabond youth

Amy’s Downtown LA vibe is everything, from her taste in clothing to interiors!

she radiates positivity, with each video leaving you smiling, motivated and inspired.

Amy’s content explores a bit of everything, from fashion to beauty to lifestyle to mindfulness, and with each one her eye for editing is on point - I especially love the way she shoots her lookbooks, and I’m always quick to click as soon as a new one is uploaded!

her dog is freakin’ adorable, too.

who are your favourite content creators over on youtube ?

Let me know in the comments below!


When it comes to refreshing my style, mindset, and blogging content, I’ve been finding a number of creators particularly inspiring over on YouTube.

I thought I’d share a handful of my favourite videos on their channels not only to give you an insight into what I’m enjoying right now, but also to share their content with you because I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!

/ click on any creator’s photo for their insta


lizzy hadfield / shot from the street

you’ve definitely seen Lizzy popping up in a range of my inspo-related content, whether it’s style, interiors or simply aesthetic-wise.

what I really admire about Lizzy’s content is her ability to create media that blends brilliantly thought-out editing with an air of absolute effortlessness.

like Lucy, she says it as she sees it, and that’s something I always appreciate in a content creator.


jenny mustard

Jenny is the epitome of Scandi style inspiration and everybody’s go-to for all things minimalism.

her style and aesthetic is effortlessly clean, crisp and contemporary, and I absolutely adore the fact that she is unapologetically herself - her sense of humour is as awesome as her sense of style!

Jenny’s videos are beautifully shot and edited - I already know you’ll fall in love with her channel when you check it out!

you’ve also got to check out her podcast with David Mustard - you can listen to it on their YouTube channel, THE MUSTARDS, or on Spotify / Acast / etc. - the best way to kick off your Monday morning ( when all the possibilities are possible ) !


This exercise is really helping me to consider how I can experiment with incorporating these characteristics into my own personal style, photography and content in general.

For now, I’m saving up for a 32mm, and I’m looking forward to integrating that vintage-style aesthetic into my blog - i think the juxtaposition against scandi-sytle minimalism is just gorgeous.


la madelynn

Madelynn’s content is a fairly recent discovery for me, but I’ve fallen head-over-heels for her aesthetic and vision.

her editing style is fascinatingly unique and personal, and I’m a huge fan of her take on classic french cinema in her 16mm-shot short films.

Madelynn’s Instagram account is another of my style inspiration holy grails ( another regular appearance in the ol’ ‘saved’ section' ) , and one that I know you’ll adore as much as I do.

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