minimalism + mental health for #timetotalk

Good morning everyone! I hope your week is going wonderfully.

As you may or may not know, today is #TimeToTalkDay2019, the core of a national mental health-focused campaign created by a brilliant social movement called Time to Change. With this in mind, I wanted to share the ways in which I’ve learned to manage my own mental health through minimalism.

time to talk

The goal? To normalise conversation surrounding mental health. Time to Talk Day was created with the intention to encourage people across the country to spare even just a couple of minutes in their day to start a conversation about mental health.

This year the #TimeToTalk theme stems from a challenge to create a recipe for a conversation about mental health.

my #timetotalk ingredients

My must-have ingredients for a conversation about mental health.

2 x cups of freshly brewed coffee

1 x pack of your favourite cookies

0 x judgment

What are your #timetotalk ingredients? Let me know in the comments!

minimalism + my mental health

I’ve found incorporating minimalism into my lifestyle hugely helpful when managing my mental health. The lack of pressure to constantly consume and be on the go allows space for slow living in so many more areas than you’d think. I’ll go into further detail about how minimalism has changed my life in a future post, but to sum it up: it’s taught me to save money, time, and - in very small ways - the planet.

Frankly, since I can’t get my brain to calm the f down, doing everything I can to create a minimalistic and mindful environment and lifestyle denies my mental health the opportunity to jump onto any little worries and blow them out of proportion ( for the most part - this isn’t a ‘fixed it!’ scenario, just a useful day-to-day coping mechanism ) !

want to get involved with #timetotalkday2019 ?

They’ve created a page to cater to however much time you have spare to get involved! It’s genius and you can check it out here!

If you’re posting on social media, here are some of the hashtags to use:

#TimeToChange / #TimeToTalk / #TimeToTalkDay / #TimeToTalkDay2019

want to find out more about mental health ?

I’d recommend checking out or