a catch up + a spontaneous afternoon in London

Happy Monday you lovely lot! What’s new with you?

Last week my mum and my grandparents came to Brum for a couple of days, and it was so lovely to see them - we always have such a laugh when we’re together. We went out for dinner, spent an evening at the theatre and continued our attempt to teach my boyfriend Spanish so that he can communicate with my Grandad.

My boyfriend and I spent Valentine’s Day at different university lectures ( the ultimate level of romance ) and the evening with pizza, prosecco and episodes of Trixie and Katya’s ‘Unhhhh’ on YouTube. Oh, and a whole lot of chocolate.

On Saturday my boyfriend’s parents came to visit and we went out for dinner to a tiny but gorgeous independent restaurant in the Jewellery Quarter ( stay tuned for a future post about it ) before heading to St Paul’s House / Hotel for drinks - one of my favourite things about this city is that so many bars host live music on Saturday nights, and this one is no exception!


Whilst I’m naturally a very organised person ( head here for my organisation tips ) , I’m equally a huge fan of making spur-of-the-moment plans. I actually see it as an integral part of the slow living lifestyle I adore - maintaining organisation whilst leaving plenty of room for whatever you feel like at the time, whether it’s a pyjama day or a spontaneous day in a different city.

the latter is what I got up to yesterday afternoon! With all the relatives back home and a busy boyfriend, I booked a ticket to London ten minutes before the train left new street station and took myself for an afternoon of wandering and photo-taking.

Creating my blog has really enhanced my love for photography, which I’m pretty sure is one of the reasons I love travelling - I adore capturing tiny moments around the world and sharing them almost instantly on my little corner of the internet. In the least creepy way possible ( I swear ! ) , I’m definitely a people-watcher - I find it fascinating and inspiring to see how people style themselves, how they interact with one another, etc., so London is the place to be - you can definitely see this in my photography, too.

So without further rambles, here’s what I got up to in London yesterday!