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Hello you lovely lot! Welcome back to the third post in this week’s post-a-day series, celebrating the relaunch of my blog! Today I’m sharing some shots from a wander around Birmingham’s Barber Institute of Fine Arts - a creative hub in the form of a 1939 Art Deco build. There’s a stunning auditorium with regular ( and affordable ) performances, a gallery boasting work by Monet, Van Gogh and plenty other iconic artists, and a dedicated history of art library. Oh, and it’s free!

It was a spur of the moment visit, so the photos are taken on my ( pretty much vintage, at this point ) iPhone as opposed to my usual DSLR camera, so apologies for any deviation in quality.

really like the angles in this image

really like the angles in this image


This was my favourite piece in the gallery today. It’s part of their current exhibition, ‘Drawing Out the Sound’. As with an orchestra, the pieces in this collection are grouped by the instrument conveyed, which I think is such a beautifully thoughtful detail in its curation.

Kapp’s illustration of Elisabeth Schumann sees the added detail of a curved line to convey the the melody of the song, which I’d never seen in a portrayal of a musician before. I also really like this excerpt from the curator’s caption for the piece:

singing is a challenging subject for artists … [ yet ] Kapp breathes music into this portrait.

Something I’ve not mentioned on my blog before is that I trained as a singer for six years ( took a break for uni ) and I write music, too. I’m not the sort of person to choose just one path, but I know I would love to pursue music as a career for a while, at least, alongside my other creative goals! I think my love for music ( and singing in particular ) is one of the reasons I fell for this piece by Kapp ( along with its minimalistic aesthetic, let’s be honest ) .

an accurate depiction of me attempting to juggle my responsibilities

an accurate depiction of me attempting to juggle my responsibilities


spy the earphone cable ? I was listening to a playlist of my current favourite songs that you’ll find here on the blog very soon !


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