a capsule wardrobe update + wishlist

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a gorgeous weekend and that you’re starting out your week with nothing but good vibes. I’m writing this post at 0830 this morning with a freshly brewed coffee in hand and a whole lot of inspiration for this week’s posts.


Today I thought I’d talk you through where I’m at with my wardrobe at the moment, because I’m noticing a lot of change in my shopping habits along with the seasonal switch up. I’ve found myself in a bit of a style rut over the past couple of weeks; I’m feeling really uninspired by my wardrobe aside from one or two pieces.

I did an autumn / winter capsule wardrobe clear out yesterday, from shoes to tees to everything in between, so I’m going to be adding some new items to my depop very soon - you can check out my shop here.


Here’s my current wishlist, which comprises of a mix of dream pieces and items I’ve got my eye on to invest in - I thought this would give you a better overall vision for what I’m liking and hopefully inspire you, somewhat - maybe even to do something similar.

Plan of action: start experimenting with textures and silhouettes to incorporate more unusual and unexpected details and cuts into my wardrobe.

I’m becoming increasingly influenced by the Scandi style of dressing - one which is focused on all things contemporary - and the aesthetic of minimalistic, lifestyle stores that are built on a blend of simplicity and functionality with a Japanese influence, for example, MUJI.

Whilst previously I’ve looked almost solely to Parisian aesthetic of classic pieces and traditionally flattering shapes and monochromatic colours, I’m determined to play around a bit more with modern cuts.

I’ve followed a lot of new style inspiration accounts on Instagram recently that I’ll be sharing soon; a blend of individuals, designers and stores. There’s around ten accounts, I think, that are my current go-to’s when looking for a nudge in the right direction if I’m keen to style a new piece or invest in a new capsule wardrobe addition.

I’ve been getting into neutral tones recently and it’s with perfect timing - so many of my favourite stores / designers are creating collections built on soft, muted palettes both in reaction to the surge in popularity of a simplicity-focused lifestyle and in time for spring / summer, too.


Where’s your style at right now ? Are you planning a little revamp in time for Spring / Summer ‘19 too ?