on my mind

Why hello everyone! how’s your week going? I hope you’re having a wonderful one. What have you been up to so far? Got any exciting plans for the weekend?

Today I’m bringing you a general update and my plans for my blog over the next couple of months. It might be ( see: will be ) a bit of a ramble, but I thought it would be nice to pop it into a post and tell you what’s on my mind to stay true to the whole diary-like posting vibe that I’m loving doing right now.

For starters, I’ve created a little weekly schedule for my posts so that you know which days I’ll be uploading content on the blog, as well as the styles of content to expect …

tuesdays + thursdays I’ll be uploading my usual conversational, informal, posts that I do at the moment on a pretty regular basis.

sundays I’ll be uploading meatier ( quornier? ) posts, which are going to be on my usual topics ( fashion / travel / minimalism ) but they’ll be going into . awhole lot more depth than usual - it’ll be more think piece style, and will often be reacting to / responding to the latest news in these industries.

I’ve finally finished my first ever newsletter, which will arrive in your inbox on the 1st of April if you sign up here! It’s filled with news ( who’d have thought?! ) , top picks, treats and more. I’m hyped and I hope you are too!

I’ve been loving using pinterest at the moment when looking for creative inspiration and I’ve created a whole new set of boards in various fashion and lifestyle niches for you to check out!

I’m also doing some research into creating video content, which I’ll be uploading here on my blog - eventually I might start posting them directly to YouTube and sharing the link but, for now, I really like the idea of having each style of my content on the same platform ( which is one that I own and run ) !

So with this new structure to my content in place and some very exciting upcoming plans, I’d love to find out what sort of topics / discussions / shoots you guys would like to see from me, whether that’s here on my blog, in my newsletter, on social media … let me know!

PSA / keep an eye out for #macchiatomay