a secret vintage market

Why hello everyone! I hope your week is going really well. Any highlights so far?

Today’s post is a shorter one than usual, which I hope you don’t mind! I just wanted to share some photos I took yesterday afternoon at a hidden gem of a vintage market, which I found in one of Birmingham’s most beautiful independent venues.


As I mentioned back in my guide to thrifting, one of the most overlooked ways to update your wardrobe sustainably is by shopping vintage, so as I’m sure you can imagine, I was super excited when I found this secret second-hand sale!


In the stunning Victorian space that is my favourite artisan eatery and art gallery in Brum, Medicine Bakery, you’ll find a spring market with a bit of everything for everyone! Think prints and pieces by independent designers, work by local Birmingham artists, and - the one you’ve been waiting for - one-of-a-kind sales by small vintage traders!

I am absolutely thrilled with my find - a vintage men’s Yves Saint Laurent shirt! It’s not photographed here, but trust me - you’ll see it plenty across my blog and Instagram over the next couple of weeks!


The sale is on until 31 March, so if you do head along I’d love to hear your thoughts and find out about any gems you discover!

what’s your favourite piece that you’ve found at a vintage sale ?

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