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/ this post includes a gifted experience by Foodies Festival UK

I like food a lot.

I mean, a lot.

Many people spend their day thinking about things they need to do; deadlines; replying to texts and making plans with friends. I spend my day thinking about what my next meal is going to be.


As you can imagine, when I was gifted tickets to the Birmingham’s Foodies Festival 2018, I cancelled all my plans immediately ( I didn’t actually have any plans that day but it sounds more dramatic this way ) and I got ready for a day of eating and drinking even more than usual.

My boyfriend and I turned up at the festival expecting non-stop food of all flavours, shapes and sizes from around the world, and we were not disappointed. The stalls went from paella to Scotch whisky to freakshake real quick.


When we arrived the atmosphere was electric, although I’m yet to figure out whether that was as a result of the overwhelming selection of food available or simply an alcohol-infused crowd really, really enjoying the sun. Either way, the vibe was good and we felt comfortable right away.

The festival took place in the beautiful Cannonhill Park and we could not have asked for better weather. The iced drinks were in high demand and the adorable sunbathing dogs were plentiful.


This atmosphere was not just thanks to great quality cuisine and a park brimming with Brummies, but also the Musicians Against Homelessness live bands that played banger after banger (as the kids say), on the main stage. They had the crowd in the palm of their hand, provided upbeat summer classics and got the vibe just right for a festival of fun, food and fine wine.


We (just about) managed to hold off from ordering desserts before a main course. I don’t know how we did it either. Whilst my boyfriend opted for a savoury crepe a la Eggs Benedict, I went for what turned out to be the greatest hoisin duck wrap that has ever graced my tastebuds. Win.


Savoury servings consumed, we sussed out the stalls to find the dessert for us, landing on an Instagram-ready milkshake that I couldn’t resist. Yes, it did taste as good as it looks!

There were also live cooking demos onsite, which was super lovely because we got an insight into recipes we could recreate at home. They even had TVs with flat lay style views. Aesthetic: pleased.


Thank you so much to Foodies Festival for the opportunity to attend your Birmingham event – I loved every second and definitely ate more than I should have, which was to be expected ( and, quite honestly, the goal ).

Have you ever been to a Foodies Festival? What was your favourite part?

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