a week in the life

Oh hey there! I hope you’re having a really wonderful Easter Sunday / bank holiday weekend! What have you been up to?

Last week I ran a poll on my Instagram story to find out what sort of post you’d like to see on the blog today - I thought it would be nice to change it up with a more personal post amongst the non-stop fashion content! - and an insight into a week in the life was a winner.

I really enjoyed putting together a more journal-like post, with little entries that I typed up each evening. For some reason I felt really relaxed about the style and set-up of each post in comparison to my usual content, which was a lot of fun and really made it feel like I was giving you an insight into my life!


I started out this morning with my favourite podcast, The Mustards, because on Monday mornings all the possibilities are possible! One of my favourite parts of the day is waiting for my coffee to brew; there’s something so peaceful about it to me.


This morning I headed to New St station to catch my train to London, where I’m spending a couple of days with my boyfriend and his family. I really enjoy the journey there - there’s no wifi ( unless you want to pay a fiver for an hour’s worth of internet ) , so it’s a really good opportunity to plan and write some blog posts or edit photos for upcoming content.

Oh, and Any mid-morning train journey is also an excuse to pick up a fancy ol’ lunch at the station, which is definitely a win in my opinion. I’m loving Wasabi’s spicy yasai sushi rolls, which are an absolute bargain at less than £4 ( even if their spiciness makes me sweat and cry ) .


I absolutely love the feeling when the train arrives at Euston - The gorgeous townhouse architecture that peeks over the station’s walls; the excitement of the big city flooding the carriage’s atmosphere; the stampede to get off the train and onto the platform even though there is literally no point because the train won’t leave till the passengers are off it so stop pushing me Barbara we’re all going to get off the train ok?!

… umm that last one sort of just slipped out. Sorry.


I really conveniently arrived at the exact same time as a march against climate change, which I fully support, but it did mean it took a couple of hours longer to get to Dan’s house! I did, however, have a really lovely evening with Dan and his family - some veggie lasagne was on the menu, so I was a very happy gal.

After dinner I typed up some ideas for future blog posts, and I’m currently typing this one up with a big ol’ hot chocolate in hand, in bed, cosy and excited for tomorrow’s plans. Looking forward to sharing ‘em with you!


Today’s been a productive one and I’m feeling super motivated.

I started out the day with a trip into Central London, where I grabbed a coffee and headed on a little photowalk through some of my favourite areas. The hustle and bustle of this city really inspires me creatively and a little wander through streets new and old is always such a lovely way to take some time for myself ( even if the weather was a bit dull! ) .


Lunch was extra lovely today, because I met up with fellow blogger Vix at the wonderfully vegan and ever-Instagrammable byChloe in Covent Garden! I went for the avo burger while Vix picked up the mac-n-peanut-cheese. We both got iced oat milk lattes too, but you already knew that.


This evening Dan and I cooked veggie jambalaya for his family which turned out spicy and delicious. I took some photos to include in this post but when I sent them to my mum, she said ‘Looks like poo! LOL’ so I decided to rethink it, for your sake.


This morning was one for the less glamorous side of blogging - admin, planning, prepping for upcoming content, so apologies for the lack of photos! Instead I’m including a couple of sneak peeks at posts to come - I hope you don’t mind!

I’m an early riser and this morning was no different! I headed downstairs with Dan for a really lovely morning in the sunshine with a cup of coffee, a bowl of granola and a read of the paper. I spent a couple of hours in my email inbox, planning upcoming content, and sorting out some general admin things! Oh, I had some really exciting phone calls, too - stay tuned!

After lunch ( another bowl of granola because I’m weak for Jordan’s Country Crisp ) we shot some photos in the garden for an upcoming sponsored post. It’s with a beautiful ethical and sustainable fashion brand - keep an eye out for it over the next week!

This evening I headed into London with Dan for a stunning dinner at a beautiful London landmark as part of a sponsored post that I’m posting tomorrow - here’s the link!

We then went for a walk along Southbank ( cheeky clue there ) , which is one of my favourite parts of London. I fall for this city more every time I visit. Its boldness; its beauty; its oddly central beach (?) .



Today I headed back to Brum and, as you can imagine, I ain’t happy ‘bout it. Post-London blues is a real thing, I swear!

I had another productive morning catching up on emails and writing some future posts, before getting the trains and buses to Euston. Dan brought me to the station and we sat and had our current favourite veggie lunch - anything veggie at Itsu! We don’t have an Itsu in Brum so a trip to London isn’t complete without a bite to eat there.

The train journey back and the rest of the evening was spent - you guessed it - creating and planning future content. Not much fun for you to read about at the moment, but I promise the actual content will be!


Today my mental health wasn’t being my best mate so I decided to take it slow. I wrote some future blog posts and just spent the day being creative, which is something that’s always helped me. I write music, so I worked on a song I recently came up with, too.

I went for a walk in the sun in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours sitting in the park with an iced coffee. No camera, no social media, no emails, no blog. It was a break I needed and really got me thinking about how much time I actually spend online. So after taking this to Twitter in the evening, a lot of you said you’d like me to write a post about how to use minimalism online as to build a constant, healthy habit of using it sparingly - rather than the odd digital detox which is followed by going back to six hours per day of scrolling.

This evening I ordered in some pizza and caught up on this week’s episode of Drag Race. Not to be dramatic or anything but Brooke and Yvie’s lipsync changed my life. Good night.


Today I headed out to Coventry for a makeup masterclass with Benefit!

The trains were cancelled / delayed / a bit of a ‘mare, so with an alternate route and unpredictable timings, I got the opportunity to accidentally arrive an hour early! As it turned out, there was a market going on in Coventry’s city centre, so I enjoyed wandering through it and getting some shots of the goings on and atmosphere.


Just four of us were invited along to the event, so we really got the opportunity not only to speak with the makeup artists one-to-one, but also to have a bit of a chat and get to know each other!

We each got a full makeup routine tailored to us, as well as a gorgeous tote bag filled with beauty bits to take home. It was such a lovely way to spend my Saturday and I’m feeling very lucky and pampered!

Thank you to the Jas and Sophie at Benefit and CovBloggers for the invitation!


I really hope you enjoyed today’s post - obviously it’s quite different to the usual content on here!

I’d love to hear about what a week in the life looks like for you - do let me know in the comments below!

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