a vegan cocktail masterclass

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a cocktail masterclass to celebrate the launch of Ikoyi Chapmans’ vegan soft drink / mixer, and as someone transitioning to veganism ( as I’ve learned some of you guys are too! ) , I was so excited to try out what could well be a new favourite in my plant-based diet. They use glass bottles, too - yay for recyclable drinks containers!

I had such a wonderful time and it was easily one of my favourite press events. I really like the shots of the evening that I took and I’m so excited to share them ( and Ikoyi Chapmans, of course ) with you!


We spent the evening at All Bar One Brindley Place, a gorgeous bar in the heart of Birmingham’s canal district. The event itself took place at a private little bar hidden to the side of the space, and we were each led to our own mini cocktail station, complete with shakers, strainers, and everything in between. The masterclass was run by one of All Bar One’s bartenders, who was both hilarious and extremely helpful ( and forgiving when we knocked over the odd glass now and then … ) .

We made three different types of cocktails, each of which included a dash of Ikoyi Chapmans; some shaken, some stirred. I also really enjoyed it when mixed simply with prosecco - a very minimalist cocktail, I’d say!


It was a super intimate evening - there were just six guests - and as we were able to bring someone with us, I brought my ex-bartender boyfriend ( he did love showing off, even though he won’t admit it ) and I can confirm, he loved his first press event! It’s always so much fun to bring him with me to the awesome experiences that my blog brings me, as he’s one of my biggest supporters and has been since I clicked ‘publish’ on that very first blog post!


It was also really lovely to get the opportunity to chat with a co-founder of Ikoyi Champans to get to know the brand better. Inspired by the refreshing flavours that its co-founders grew up with in Nigeria, the drink is going to be my go-to for this spring and summer - it’s sparkling with a fruity taste that’s the perfect combination of both natural sweetness and bitterness.

Now based here in the West Midlands ( over in Warwick, in fact! ) , you’ll find them stocked in many local independent cafes or pick some up via their website to try out. I’d love to hear what you think!

What’s your go-to vegan drink?