lucky duck

Plot twist: I love food. Okay, not much of a plot twist if you follow me on Instagram … or on Twitter … or here on my blog, come to think of it. Okay, I knew it wasn’t a plot twist when I wrote ‘plot twist’. I just wanted an excuse to talk about food. So here we are.

One of my favourite hobbies is eating, and one of my favourite things about the city I live in is the sheer number of restaurants there are sprinkled across it. Whether you’re in the mood for spaghetti or sandwiches, beer or bao, Birmingham’s got your back. Whilst my boyfriend and I are huge fans of some bigger restaurant chains like Mowgli and Pho, I think there’s something so much more special and personal eating independent.

We recently discovered Lucky Duck after I saw a fellow blogger mention how great it was on Twitter ( #influencermarketing anyone ? ) and oh my goodness, after one visit it was instantly our next top dinner find. Not only is their interior’s neutral palette 100% my thing, the food is absolutely divine.

As an indecisive minimalist, their to-the-point menu is perfect - they’ve got three ramens, four bao bun fillings ( the most underrated food, I am sure of it ) , three sides and three desserts. There’s at least one vegan option in each section, too!

My go-to dishes are the Szechuan aubergine bao buns and the mushroom miso ramen. Both are the kind of meal you don’t stop thinking about until your next visit.

It’s a beautiful, peaceful little gem hidden away in the city’s Jewellery quarter with just twenty seats, and it’s the perfect place for a gorgeous meal in delicate yet chilled out surroundings.

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